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I am an entry level programmer, designer, and an avid gamer. Located in New York City, I have been working hard learning the skills that will allow me to make games that engage players on a deeply immersive level. Read on to learn more about current and past projects, and future developments.



Project Highlights


Space C.A.T.S.

November 21, 2019

The year is 3019. Cats have fled the earth due to centuries of canine persecution. The Clawed Aerospace Transport Service was created to continue the long and glorious tradition of delivering tokens of love to the humans who once gave us shelter and sustenance. Do your duty! Fight off the poorly-named Dominion Of Ground coalition and show the humans we have not forgotten the debt we owe! Unreal MegaJam 2019 Entry!


Corporate America

November XX, 2019

Go to Work. Make Money. Be a Patriot.
One of the first games released commercially, Corporate America is a fun multiplayer shooter you can pick up and play with your friends online. Arcade style gameplay with a sterile work aesthetic, you will be playing this one to settle scores for years.


Root Of All Evil

May 2019

UE4 Spring Marketplace Takeover Jam entry. You're a young squire, hoping to marry a princess some day. You're poor, but you've always seen the world from multiple perspectives, granting you the ability to solve problems others might find impossible. Go make your fortune, but beware, for they say money is the root of all evil...


Carpe Diem

November 15, 2018

UE4 Mega Jam 2018 submission. Escape your fishbowl, explore the ocean, and be free. Just be careful what you find deep in the sea. Some things underwater were meant to be left alone...


Escape Cyber City

March 2018

Escape Cyber City was my first full experience. A infinite runner with AI enemies trying to take you down, and a procedurally generated world kept players immersed for hours!



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